Wireless headsets for NEC phones

Wireless headsets for <font color="#FF0000">NEC</font> phones
Normally, a wireless headset requires a "remote handset lifter" to be installed on a phone in order to remotely pick up and hang up a call when using a wireless headset.

NEC, in cooperation with Plantronics, has developed an innovative adapter that's easily installed in the bottom of the phone, and eliminates the need to use a remore lifter.

The adapter is compatible with all Plantronics wireless headset systems that support a handset lifter, including the CS55 series, CS70 series, Supraplus wireless series, and Voyager series.

The adapter is compatible with the NEC DSX 34-button backlit display phone Series 2 (or higher) and the NEC DSX 34-button full-duplex backlit super display phone.